partitioning, and ethernet PCMCIA card...

Michael J. Callahan mikec at
Mon Jan 9 07:42:56 EST 1995

I was running out of room on my Gateway 486 drive (after DL and building 
1.1.71... ). I still had free space on the drive so I have created 
another partition and set it to type 83 Linux native. Now how do I go 
about telling Linux to use it, formatting it, and any other thing I need 
to do? I looked in the FAQ's but didn't see anything specific to this in 
there. I need to get the Linux Bible, I guess...

Next question: I am just about to receive my DELL Latitude XP. Anyone 
have any experience with an Ethernet PCMCIA card in this or other 
laptops? Interested in ftp sites for drivers, etc...

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