Atlanta Journal Constition

Jeff Hoepfinger jeff_ho at
Wed Jan 4 13:45:15 EST 1995

Just talked with Bill Housted at the AJC.  He is willing to put us in the
User Group Section and include our name, meeting place, time, and contact
information along with a one sentence description of the meeting.  We
missed the deadline for this Sunday, so it show up the Sunday before
future meetings.   

I inquired about one of us writing a short article on topics that might
somehow relate to Linux.  He said that unless it was at a Kindergarten
Level, they would not be interested.  He said the typical AJC reader of
the high tech section needs help formatting a disk, making a subdirectory,

If anyone can think of any other periodicals beside LJ, AJC, and ACC, let
me know.

Jeff Hoepfinger
jeff_ho at

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