"other periodicals beside LJ, AJC, and ACC"

R I Feigenblatt docdtv at america.net
Thu Jan 5 09:52:08 EST 1995

Re: Jeff's message of Wed, 4 Jan 1995 13:45:15 -0500 (EST)
Well, there's the UNIX trade press. (Unix Review and the former Unix
World, now Open Computing.) But I don't think they'd publish local
meeting notices. However, if someone was willing to do a lotta work,
perhaps ALE could join up with other local user groups in a large
union(*) whose formation might merit an article. Why not create the
function of correspondence secretary, whose function it would be to
foster such links? Contact would also be useful for sharing wisdom
regarding meeting logistics.
How would one get started? Well, grep the archives of the "UN c.o.l.a.",
;-)  UseNet's comp.os.linux.announce, for meeting announcements
and write some e-mail. Perhaps the majordomo server which does our
list can be used to source an FAQ which holds the contact information
for Linux groups around the world. If it was well-done, surely the folks
who run the the UNcola would be happy to publish a pointer to it
regularly, as would other FAQers. You could even use the UNcola(+)
to solicit additions to the list!
Ron Feigenblatt
(*) It could be called INLUX, the InterNational Linux United eXpedition,
for those noble trekkers possessing the "inner light" of LINUX, whose
acronym is also a rebus of LINUX (Linux inside?)  Maybe we could
climb Mt. Xinu together! I gnu I couldn't resist some bad puns: too
many Kelly-Bootle columns, I guess!)
(+) You think maybe our home-town bottler, Coca-Cola, might be
willing to sponsor ALE, so we could break the UNcola habit?

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