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Eric Zundel Ayers zundel at
Sat Jan 7 08:15:08 EST 1995


We ar just staring out and don't really have any officers, but we do
have an administration mailing list:

  ale-admin at

If you would like to subscribe to either of these lists, or both,
send mail to majordomo at

  subscribe ale-admin <your e-mail address>
  subscribe ale <your e-mail address>

I'll forward you some info from our organizational meeting in a separate
letter, to keep from boring everyone on the ale list again.


 > Hello,
 > I am secretary for a Unix user group in Birmingham, AL. called
 > Alabama Uniforum.  We are looking for other user groups to
 > share info on activities, management techniques etc. with.
 > If this is a good address for one of the officers of your
 > Linux (or unix) user group please let me know.  Would like to
 > send you an outline of our 'structure' and activities and see
 > if we can get the same from ya'll to get new ideas, lessons
 > learned etc.  We have a couple of people here who might like
 > to make a road trip to Atlanta to attend a meeting and gather
 > info.
 > Thanks
 > Richard Kessler
 > richard.kessler at
 > 5188 StoneHaven Drive
 > Birmingham, AL 35244
 > 205-969-3000

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